Thornton and Louisa Simmons (nee Richards), usually known as Dad and Mam

Thornton (Dad) Simmons with dog. House is probably on Syndicate Street

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PHOTOS: Thornton to Gladys

Thornton (Dad) Simmons, Mr. Caughill (friend and policeman) and girl (unknown).

House is probably on Syndicate. Note moose head on gable

FOOTNOTES to the letter:


  1. This building is a row house today, found on Google maps. Click the button.

  2. The year is 1908. Gladys was born in Sept 1896 so she was about 11 ½ years old.

  3. The meaning of McLewis is unclear

  4. Wall was the family name of (WHO? I’m working on this)

  5. Woolwich is a district of south east London, England.

  6. The new location for John Murray’s business in 1908 would have been 180 Princess Street. Yes, he did do well and successfully ran the company for about 20 more years.

  7. The expression ‘dont cher know’ means “don’t you know” and reflects how it was spoken.

  8. The word ‘wetha’ means “weather” and reflects how it was spoken.

  9. The letter was signed from Grandpa who was Thornton (Dad) Simmons, and Gladys’ uncles (who were Thornton’s sons) T for Thornton junior, G for George, and R for Rolly, the nickname of Owen.

ABOVE 164 Syndicate Street


Left to right:

George (Grandpa) Murray, 

Thornton (Dad) Simmons

Louisa (Mam) Simmons

Unknown Second woman with white apron

Gladys behind

Unknown Shorter person in front of Gladys

Ruby with an unknown child

Unknown Person right of Ruby

BELOW Left to Right:

John Robertson Murray, Thornton Simmons, Ruby Murray holding Verna, Gladys, Louisa Simmons holding Isabelle, three unknown people, Julia Murray, and George Murray.


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