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The Simmons and Murray Family History was taken from notes, letters and information found amongst the personal papers of Gladys and her family members. 


Thanks to research done by Laurie (Konchak) McCullem you can have a glimpse of our great-grandparents, Thornton and Louisa Simmons, when they were young and first arrived in Winnipeg with their children.  Information was also obtained from Ruby Simmons and Ivy Stewart, granddaughters of Thornton and Louisa and cousins to Gladys (Mom Campbell).

Likewise you will find  the Murrays, George and Elizabeth, who moved from Rathen, Scotland to Saskatchewan before it was a province, then moved to Winnipeg. Laurie’s trips to England, Wales & Scotland to visit the old county records and track down more information about our early ancestors has been extremely valuable. Thanks to Dave Roberts we have additional information about the Murray Family.

 The Family Stories contain biographies of each member of the family that were written by Laurie after interviewing each person.  The photo pages are photographs chronicling family members.  

We have a Murray family tree dating as far back as 1759, with Andersons back to 1665. This lineage is unbroken, up to the present generation. It is a broad Excel file with lots of links to see. For this to work properly, you will need to open it in Excel, 2013 or newer version.


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