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Each figure in the coat of arms represents some aspect of the clan:

Three silver stars on blue:

Descendants of Freskin,   Murray

The two gold outlines (tressures) around the stars: Imitates the royal coat of arms

Six gold bars with 6 black bars: Atholl

Blue and White checks: Stewart

Three stags heads:


Three spurred, bent legs:

Isle of Mann

Gold coronet:

Marquessate of Tullibardine

Standing lions:

Connected to royalty

These represent the many Murray and Moray coats of arms in existence today. 

Murray Coat of Arms

Clan Murray       Coat of Arms 

Moray Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms 

Atholl Coat of Arms

Clan Murray       Duke of Atholl    Coat of Arms 

Early Moray Coat of Arms

Early Moray      

Coat of Arms 

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