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PHOTOS: George to Gladys

Photos Page 1

At right: The 5 daughters of Elizabeth Murray (nee Thom) and George (1850) Murray

Above: George Murray, (Born 1850) and wife Elizabeth in front of daughter Agnes's house at 120 Bannerman Avenue, Winnipeg.


George wrote poetry:


One of his poems was inspired on seeing a photograph of his wife taken when she was eighteen years of age (possibly the photo above right):


          Aye pressin’ on wi’ fervent zeal,

          Till through the wuddie by the squeel,

           I dandered by the aul’ kirk stile,

           A captive to your winnin’ smile.

           Ye wis sae tidy, neat and clean,

           A charmin’ lass o’ sweet eighteen.

           The roguish twinkle in yer e’e

           Spak louder far than words to me.

           Can I forget that oor o’ bliss,

           The meeting and the parting kiss.

           The solemn pledge on either side

           To meet again whate’er betide.

At right: Daughters of George (born 1850) Murray, with their married last names.

These are four of the five daughters of Elizabeth Murray (nee Thom), with the  daughter of Elizabeth McRobbie, Elizabeth Roden on the far right.

ABOVE: Margaret Helnor (Nellie) Murray and husband Hugh Campbell Anderson in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in1974.

Left:  Wedding day of Isabelle (nee Magee) Cruickshank, May 9, 1936.


Behind Isabelle (left to right): Julia (grandmother), George Murray (great-grandfather) and Elizabeth (nee Thom) (great-grandmother)


Back row: 

John Robertson Murray (grandfather) and Gladys (mother)

John Robertson Murray (Dada) with wife Julia (Ma) to his right, son George (Geordie), daughter Ruby to his far right, daughter Hazel to his left, daughter Gladys (Mom Campbell) sitting, with her grandchildren Laurie Konchak (sitting) and Rhonda Cruickshank (standing).

Grandma and Grandpa Murray 1937 newspape

Newspaper clipping from 1937.

George and Elizabeth Murray lived with their son George (the tinsmith) at 701 Banning Street in Winnipeg. Son George was the home owner and he lived there until his death in 1949. 


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