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Private George William Battershill

Service #460445



  • Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, March 10, 1897

  • Father: John Worthy Battershill, born May 1, 1861 (or 1860)

  • Mother: Caroline Battershill, born May 9, 1860 (or 1859)

  • Died in Boulogne, France, April 17, 1917

This page is dedicated to Pte George William Battershill, a Canadian soldier in World War I.

From Manitoba Archives:

The Battershill family was comprised of John Battershill, Sr. and his wife Caroline Battershill (nee Adams) (1859-1923), sons John Worthing (1885-1963), Charles Arthur (1894-1976), and George William (1897-1917), and daughters Amelia, Dorothy, and Caroline (b. 1891).


The family immigrated to Canada on the SS Dominion, a steam ship of the Dominion Line. They set sail from and Avonmouth and Bristol, England on August 10, 1888. On the passenger list were the mother, C. Battershill, and children Amelia, John, and Dorothy. They disembarked in Quebec City on August 23, 1988, on their way through to Winnipeg. Curiously, the family name is indicated as "Battershello" on this ship's passenger list. The father, John, is absent from this passenger list.


They lived in the Point Douglas area of Winnipeg, at 128 Syndicate Street for a number of years, before moving to 151 Helmsdale Street, East Kildonan, Winnipeg.

Charles Battershill, a son born in Manitoba, Canada, was a Sergeant in the Machine Gun Section of the 196th Battalion, which was stationed in Seaford, England, during the First World War. He married Mildred Steele in 1925 and later moved to Tacoma, Washington.


George Battershill, another son born in Manitoba, Canada, was a Private with the 61st Winnipeg Overseas Battalion. He was stationed in Shornicliffe and Southampton, England, and later in France, where he was fatally wounded at Vimy Ridge in 1917. Another family member serving overseas was Caroline's husband, Harry Elliott, who was stationed in Bramshott, Shornicliffe and Surrey, England. Also Harry's brother served overseas in World War I.

John and Caroline Battershill's daughter Amelia (Millie or Mill) married Francis (Frank) E. Simmons in 1910 and they had one daughter Dorothy. During the First World War they lived in Georgia (Savannah). John and Caroline's daughter Dorothy married Robert Baird in 1920.

The Winnipeg Censuses provide the following information about the family of               JOHN WORTHY BATTERSHILL (father of PVT George William Battershill). There is disagreement about years of birth when comparing the 1901 census with the 1911 census. The first birth dates given below are from the 1901 census and the dates in brackets are from the 1911 census.


  • Born in England, May 1, 1861 (May 1860)

  • Married Caroline Adams, born May 9, 1860 (May 1859)

  • Immigrated to Canada with wife and children in 1888

  • Children: Amelia born in England, August 17, 1884

                      John Worthy born in England, June 11, 1885​ (June 1885)

                      Dorothy born in England, August 19, (1886)

                      Caroline (Carrie, Carry) born in Manitoba, June 4, 1892 (June 1891)

                      Charles A. born in Manitoba, June 3, 1895 (August, 1894)

                      George William born in Manitoba, March 10, 1897 (March, 1897)                                                                 

 In the 1901 Winnipeg census the father, John, was listed as an Iron Moulder. Throughout the census periods the mother Caroline's occupation was listed as "none". Likewise in 1901 none of the children were employed, as Amelia, the oldest, was only 17 years old. Addresses are not given in the 1901 census but from the information given the family was living in Point Douglas, likely at 128 Syndicate Street. A few doors down Syndicate Street lived the Murray family, the Simmons family, and the Stevenson family; children growing up together.

The 1906 census confirms the address of 128 Syndicate Street.

By the 1911 census, the father John was listed as a Foreman in a foundry, working 60 hours per week. The son, John, was employed as a Draughtsman working 45 hours per week. His place of employment is given as "Railway". At census time he was almost 26 years old.

Still in 1911, all children except Amelia are single. Dorothy is listed as not employed but Carrie is a book keeper in a store working 43 hours per week; and Charles is pattern making in a shop working 56 hours per week. George was not employed being only 14 years old at the time. In 1911 the family address was still 128 Syndicate Street. Amelia, who married Frank Simmons in 1910, is not living in the family home at this time.

 By the 1916 census, daughter, Amelia, and son, John were not living with their parents. Amelia had married Frank E. Simmons in 1910. Dorothy and Carrie are not employed and are living in the family home which was now 151 Helmsdale in East Kildonan. Dorothy is single but Carrie (Caroline) is married at this time, as stated above, to Harry Elliot. Charles and George are both listed as soldiers. Charles is in Manitoba, Canada at Camp Hughes, and George is in France.

There was a census in Winnipeg in 1921. World War I had ended 3 years earlier. Listed at 151 Helmsdale in East Kildonan is the father John W, his wife Caroline, and very interestingly Frank Simmons and his wife  Amelia (nee Battersfield) with their daughter Dorothy who would be 7 years old. In this census Charles is back in the family home too, but sadly George is not there. The listed occupations are a little unclear but seem to be: John is Head Foreman in a factory, and Frank is a Contractor at Plumbing. Occupation for Caroline and Amelia is "none". Charles is a student.


Also in the 1921 census, next door at 149 Helmsdale, is the son also named John W Battershill (born 1885). He is listed as a Civil Engineer working at "Municipal"; he died July 21, 1963, and his obituary is found when you CLICK HERE.  In 1921 he is married to Marjorie Jane (nee Andrews), with son John W.F. Battershill, 4 years old and born in Manitoba. Another son, named George William, was born February 15, 1923, and died September 9, 2010; George's obituary is found HERE.  This census shows Marjorie immigrated from England in 1891.

Caroline, the mother of Pvt George Battershill would pass away in 1923.

As we understand George was born in 1897, it is possible that he advanced his age to be accepted into the army. George was wounded in the shoulder September 15, 1916, and recovered. He was wounded in the left thigh at the Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917, and died of gangrene in a hospital in Boulogne, France on April 17, 1917.

There were four Canadian divisions in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. George could have been in the 3rd Division, which  had soldiers from his unit (Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry).


From April 2016 to April 2017, Archives of Manitoba posted blogs containing letters, telegrams, and photographs from George Battershill, to family in Winnipeg. These 2 pages are really well worth seeing!


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