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NOTABLE PEOPLE who were Murrays

1.  Freskin de Moravia, a Flemish nobleman in the 12th century, is the ancestor of this Clan. In all probability, he accompanied David I on his return from England to Scotland in 1124. Freskin was granted lands in West Lothian (west of Edinburgh) and in Moray. To consolidate his position, Freskin and his sons married into the ancient Royal House of Moray.  Thereafter, in old Charters, the family name appears as de Moravia.

2. William de Moravia, son of Freskin, was witness to a Royal Charter to the Abbey of Holyrood in 1203. His descendant, Walter de Moravia, married the heiress of Bothwell and Drumsagard in Lanarkshire, and Smailholm in Berwickshire and began construction of Bothwell Castle. Bothwell is located 10 miles south-east of Glasgow. In 1255, Walter was one of the Regents of Scotland during the minority of Alexander III.

3. In 1296, another Sir William, Sir Andrew,  and Hugh de Moravia rendered homage to Edward I. However, the following year Sir Andrew joined Sir William Wallace's resistance movement  and was  one of his most brilliant generals, leading the Scots to victory against the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, although he himself was mortally wounded.

4. Sir Andrew's son died at the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333, and his grandson died of the plague in 1360, after which his widow married the 3rd Earl of Douglas and ownership of Bothwell Castle passed to the house of Douglas. The de Moravias spawned many distinguished branches carrying the surname of Murray – the Murrays of Blackbarony, Duncroe, Ochtertyre and Abercairney, the latter acquired through marriage to a daughter of the Royal House of Strathearn in the 14th century.

5. In 1600, Sir David Murray, Captain of the Guard for James VI, was granted the lands of Scone in Perthshire by James VI. Having accompanied the King to England, he was created Viscount Stormont in 1621. At Scone is the hill where tradition has it that all Kings of Scots, after the 6th Century and prior to the 17th Century, were crowned, and it was here that Charles II was proclaimed King in 1651.

6. In 1613, Angus Murray, along with George Nory, William Robertson, Jhone Forbes, and others signed the incorporation document which established  the Burgh of Fraserburgh. Only landholders (feuars) could sign the document and participate in commerce in the newly established burgh, thereby becoming burgesses. This is described in Fraserburgh Past and Present when you click the blue button    Fraserburgh   

7. In 1643, Sir Patrick Murray, son of Sir Gideon Murray of Elibank was created Baron and Lord Elibank, of Ettrick Forest, in the County of Selkirk. The baronry is a title in the Peerage of Scotland, with remainder to his heirs male whatsoever. Patrick had already been created a Baronet, of Elibank, in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1628. For more details, click:

8. Humphrey Morrey, or Murray (1650-1716) was the first mayor of Philadelphia from 1691 to 1715.

9. Sir George Murray (1772-1846) was Member of Parliament for Perth and subsequently was appointed Governor of Canada.

10. Alexander Murray (1775-1813), born in Kirkcudbrightshire, wrote a History of the European Languages.

11. William, third son of the 5th Viscount Stormont, became Lord Chief Justice of England and, in 1776, was created Earl of Mansfield.

12. John Murray (1778-1843) founded the publishing company bearing his name.

13. Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915) was a British philologist and the original lexicographer of the Oxford and English Dictionary

14. Sir David Murray RA (1849-1933) was a notable landscape painter.

15. Charles Murray (1864-1941) was an acclaimed Scottish poet.

16. George Gilbert Murray (1866-1957) was a classical scholar and author. He was Professor of Greek at Glasgow University and Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford University.

17. In 1911, Commander Montolieu Fox Oliphant Murray, 10th Lord Elibank, was created Viscount Elibank, but this title became extinct on the death of his younger son.

18. In 1912, Commander Murray's son, a Liberal politician, was created Lord Murray of Elibank, but predeceased his father.

19. Dr Joseph Murray (1919-2012) was  an American doctor who won the Nobel prize in 1990 for his pioneering work in human organ transplants.

20. William Edward Murray (1920-2013) Australian bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop of Wallongong (1975-1996).

21. Jeanne Murray (1923-2013) whose stage name was Jean Stapleton, American character actress of stage, television, and film. Best known for her portrayal of Edith Bunker in All In The Family.

22. James Marcellus Arthur "Sunny" Murray (1936-2017) American drummer from Idabel, Oklahoma, one of the pioneers of the free jazz style of drumming.

23. Brian Clarence Murray (1942-2017) Canadian professional ice hockey executive and coach, General Manager of the Ottawa Senators (2007-2016)


24. Morna Anne Murray C, ONS (b1945) Canadian four-time Grammy Award winning singer, and recipient of 24 Juno Awards.

Stage name: Anne Murray

25. William James "Bill" Murray (b1950) Academy Award-nominated, Primetime Emmy Award winning, Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-winning American comedian and actor.

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