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Seen at right, Blair Castle is said to have been started in 1269 by John I Comyn, Lord of Badenoch (died c. 1275), a northern neighbour of David I Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl (died 1270). Comyn started building on the Earl's 


Blair Castle, Atholl, Scotland

land while the Earl was away on crusade. Upon Strathbogie's return, he complained about the interloper to King Alexander III, won back his land, and incorporated the tower built by Comyn into his own castle. Blair Castle has belonged to the Earls, Marqueses, and Dukes of Atholl since it was built. This includes David de Strathbogie (1264 to 1269), the Stewarts of Atholl who were Earls of Atholl from 1342 until 1625, and the Murrays from 1269 to present.


John Murray, son of the second Earl of Tullibardine, was created Earl of Atholl in 1629, because his mother was Atholl heiress Dorothea Stewart. The title, and Blair Castle, has remained in the Murray family ever since.

Blair Castle is located in Glen Gary, near the village of Blair Atholl, in Perthshire. It is open top the public for day visitors, public events, functions, and weddings. A link to the interior is found by clicking the orange button.

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