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On August 22, 1889, George Murray boarded the ship “Vancouver” which departed Liverpool, England, then arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 31, 1889. He was 39 years old. He came alone, leaving the family in Glendaveny, Scotland. After finding work on the railroad in East Assiniboia, he sent for his family to join him

On August 20, 1890, the rest of the family (except oldest daughter Elizabeth Georgina Barbara Murray) boarded the ship “Pomeranian” which departed Glasgow on August 9, 1890 and arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, on August 20, 1890. The trip from Quebec to Saltcoats in East Assiniboia was by train.

The train stopped in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for passengers to clear immigration. There was a large building (immigration hall) where the immigrants had their paperwork done and stayed if waiting for a train to leave for elsewhere. Son, John stayed in Winnipeg (no address available) to work for Elisha Frederick (E.F.) Hutchings, a manufacturer of harnesses, etc. The mother, Elizabeth, and the remainder of the family continued by train to Saltcoats in early September, 1890.

Daughter Elizabeth boarded the ship “Sarmation” the following year. It departed Glasgow on September 19, 1891, and arrived in Quebec City, Canada, on September 29, 1891, and Montreal on October 1, 1891.  Her destination is listed as Winnipeg. She was 16 years old (born February 8, 1875) and her occupation was listed as a Domestic. At some point in time after arriving in Winnipeg she began work as a domestic for Elisha Frederick (E. F.) Hutchings, her brother John’s employer, living with that family at 49 Martha Street.

In time, John found a job in Winnipeg for his brother, George, so George left East Assiniboia, in the Autumn of 1893.

With the two sons and a daughter already in Winnipeg, the rest of the family moved to Winnipeg early in 1894. The family in that move from East Assiniboia consisted of parents George and Elizabeth with daughters Agnes, Jessie, Robertson, and Margaret.

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